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Somehow I missed the fact that BSG had started up again and I now have four episodes of that to catch up on. I've now finished all of Gilmore Girls S5 and want to make a start on S6 straight away. I'm getting hold of the first couple of episodes of 24 S5 for one of the Faith ficlet challenges (I stopped watching the show about halfway through the first episode of series 3.) I'm loving Veronica Mars and Lost right now and I have DVDs borrowed from engelsteorra to watch. So now I face the decision - do I cancel my Sky subscription seeing as how I haven't really missed anything since the signal went down? Well, apart from Bones that is, but I can probably get hold of that somehow. I still get the BBC so when Doctor Who starts back I can watch it, although I will miss the Doctor Who Confidential shows on BBC3.

We don't have Freeview available in our area apparently, so if I cancel Sky I will lose all the digital channels. But would it be that much of a loss?

Decisions decisions...

Oh - and random. I got an email from ScreenSelect (dvd rental) a week ago saying that a case had been returned empty and once I replied to the email they would send out another case so I could send back their DVD. I replied saying "Thank you for contacting me about this however I am positive the DVD was in the case when I sealed the envelope. Can I ask you to double check the other DVDs I returned on the same day?"

Yesterday there was a reply to my email.

"This is a courtesy email to let you know that the DVD case for {insert slightly embarrasing and crap film here} was returned empty. We are sure this is probably an oversight on your part and when you reply to this email we will send out an empty case for you to return the DVD."

Exactly the same as the first email. In reply to my reply.

So I replied.

"Thank you for contacting me, as I said in my previous email, I definitely returned the DVD. Please check the other cases returned on the same day."

Can't wait to see what their reply is, although I'm guessing it'll start with "This is a courtesy email to let you know that..."
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