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The traffic into work is getting marginally better, people are starting to get the fact that driving stupidly is only going to slow the whole thing down. That said, I may start leaving earlier in the morning next week. So that'll be aiming to be out of the house at 6.30am. I need to move this job closer to me, work from home or get a new job. (I like my house, I'm not moving right now.) Speaking of my house - the gasman is coming on Monday to fix my heating. Yay! So fingers crossed by Monday night I will actually have heat in my house and maybe that'll go some way to stopping feeling so damned tired all the time.

I actually having nothing much to say - I'm just typing for the sake of doing something right now. Faith fics are coming soon by the way - I'm having a graphics related block which is why they're not posted yet. Still looking for suggestions by the way, have something? Here you go!

Right, I guess I should go actually do some work right now then. Joy.
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