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Fly-by post

Bored out of my skull right now and can't leave for another 20 minutes. Wonderful.

Anyways - coupla things. I've updated the nominees page on WKA and I swear I will email all the nominees this weekend, I am so sorry I've been lax about that! The 'ship categories seem to be doing well this round, we have enough nominations to open up the 'het' category into Xander/Buffy and Xander/Dawn (doesn't seem all that long ago that was a pairing that caused a lot of angry reactions!) and the 'slash' category has enough for a Xander/Spike sub-category. Where are all the Xander/Cordy, Xander/Faith, Xander/Angel, Xander/Oz nominations this year? Huh? Huh? *g*
Also - plan to have all of the Xander sites updated in some way this weekend - mostly layout wise, I'm working with stop-gap layouts right now while the content is being fixed but I really want to get back to the fantastic banners Kayla Shay and gumboy made for I Need A Parrot and I want some fandom specific options for HoH and EoaTH - plus EoaTH needs to be formally revealed still!
I'm going to play about with Photoshop over the weekend and hopefully I can get over my graphics block which'll mean the finished Faith fics can be posted - yay!

And... I need help with the zeppo_stillness community. I keep forgetting to close challenges and announce winners all the time, would anyone be willing to help out by posting reminders, some challenges, maybe even make some banners for the winners? Lemme know!

Theoretically my car is booked in to be fixed tomorrow, I say theoretically because my sister was going to phone the garage and she hasn't mentioned it since I called later in the day I asked her to do it and she said "I haven't phoned yet" so...Joy.

Right, I'm done time-wasting now, gotta go look for some actual work to do. :)
Tags: effects of a troubled heart, hand on heart, i need a parrot, random, white knight awards, zeppo_stillness
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