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I just read crazydiamondsue's post on s1-2 Xander and it made me smile and remember all the things I love about his character - the good, the bad, the speedos... sorry, my mind wandered there, what was I saying? *g* I genuinly got a warm feeling from reading the love of this character who is no way perfect, who makes stupendous mistakes, who has flaws, but who is still (imo) a wonderfully rich character.

And then I opened some emails from a certain militantly het-only Xander yahoo group (yeah, that one) which I no longer contribute to other than letting people know when WKA is running, and the first email I read - which was a fic search request - just depressed the hell out of me. Yes, in later seasons there was a feeling that Xander was screwed over - god knows it takes a lot to get me to watch a season seven episode and still see the character in there - and there is bitterness out there over it. But does every single post to that group have to be vitriolic?

(And if I was to respond to the group saying something about it then it would only kick off a flame war, been burned that way in the past.)

Simple solution would be to leave the group, but the mostly-silent majority (of which I count myself as one) are usually quite happy to see the posts about the WKA and after posting the links to that group the nominations jump every time. So I stay, and in case of WKA questions, I went back to getting the emails delivered rather than my normal special notices membership. So that's aproximately 200 emails a day that get scanned and deleted.

Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Gotta go - sister didn't book the car in but I called and the guy said if I was there before 9 they could fit me in.

Oh - 'fore I do - quick pimp! Check out spring_of_cordy - there are a lot of open dates still, Cordy-centric fanfic, fanart, fanvids etc are all accepted - c'mon over, join up and pick a day!
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