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Tales from the wine rack

Horribly behind on replies to comments - will get to those soon, I promise. (speaking of -  sarakat? Do you have an email address I can contact you about zeppo_stillness? if you'd rather not post it, can you email me at shona[at] - thanks!) I kinda downed a bottle of particularly good Kumala Shiraz this afternoon whilst re-installing Windows on my laptop (again) - thus losing every single piece of writing and art I had on there in the process (I had no choice, it wouldn't boot up no matter what I did, I had to do a complete system restoration) - and I'm kinda... what's the word again... oh yeah, drunk. At half past four on a Sunday afternoon. *g*

I have to say right now that engelsteorra has the best taste in films *ever* and knows me apparently better than I know myself. I loved Secretary (plan to re-watch it again tomorrow) but Wonder Boys? Wow. Despite the fact I kinda hate most of the cast, and it did take a lot for Sharon to convince me it was worth watching, I adore this film. I must own it now.

On to Melinda & Melinda next.

Sharon? Thank you honey!

(btw, my car is now working again! I love my car. And it cost around half the amount I was expecting. I thought it would take at least a thousand to keep it on the road, it was 400+ but I have to get it serviced and MOT'd yet. so acrazywench? I can definitely send you the cheque for NFA this week. And you, thedothatgirl and I will need to talk about what's going on with that soon!)

I've re-worked INAP by the way - the default view should be Kayla Shay's wonderful banner and I have gumboy's animated banner in as an alternate layout. If they're not displaying properly, could you let me know? Ta!

Oh - knew there was something else I had to share. My appointment with Norman the psychology guy on Hallowe'en? Has resulted in a referral to a counselling service. My first proper appointment is on Wednesday. I'm officially in therapy on the NHS. How screwed up am I? </irony> Seriously though - I am so relieved that the crap I've been going through over that past ten/fifteen years is actually treatable, that there is something that can be done with me. I am not looking for comfort, I am screwed up, I know this, but the screwiness is definable and treatable. That takes such a weight off of my shoulders right now. So I'm actually in a wierd way, happy that I'm seeing a psychologist. Now I just have to explain to my boss why I have to take 3/4 of a day off work for a doctor's appointment. :)

ETA OH! More updates to WKA Nominees! *hugs flist* the emails will be on their way tomorrow, don't trust myself to send them right now!

randomly, what does it say about me that despite having had very little to eat and a full bottle of wine, I can still code HTML? *g*
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