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Bite me.

Turn your stereo down before I call the police.

I've had too much wine and my DVD's on kinda loud, if I can hear your crap boyband/girlband *chunes* over that? It's too loud.

ETA okay, I kinda take that back. I'll let you play your music loud but let me forewarn you, if that power-drilling doesn't stop by 10pm? I'll be on the phone...

Other, random, edit I miss my documentaries. I just watched Time Team on Channel 4, I'm not particularly a fan of Time Team, but I do watch it when I remember. This episode just reminded me how much I miss watching documentaries. I need to get my Sky sub sorted out. Must phone them tomorrow after the gas man's been to fix my heating. There was a whole new tomb just discovered this week in the Valley of the Kings. Discovery Civilisation probably had an Egyptology day because of it, I need to get my documentaries back. (And my 19 year old self would cringe to hear me talking about that!)

AND WTF? Bird flu in Britain?! (Sorry - channel 4 news, looks like spin, but there is a case in France and tests are being carried out in Cambridgeshire)
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