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Site updates!

Hand on Heart, the Buffy/Xander, Buffy&Xander archive, now has a snazzy new layout which is finally fandom specific! Yay! The images are from the episode Phases, the "Shoulda, woulda, coulda" moment as I've come to call it, and I'm pretty damn happy with how it turned out!

Effects of a Troubled Heart, the Faith/Xander, Faith&Xander archive and site, has also been reworked. The basic design of the pages remains the same, the difference is where the archive can be found. I've moved it over to an automated archive and it can now be found here. (Again, with a fandom specific banner - this time from The Zeppo). There is also a matching wallpaper in the Effects of a Troubled Heart 'extras' pages. All existing stories have been moved onto the automated archive and there are three new stories added as well.

I'm really looking forward to seeing these sites continue to grow and can't wait to see what you come up with! I am working on a way to incorpate an automated graphics archive into both of these sites, at the moment the best option I have only allows .png and .jpg files to be uploaded, thus meaning animated .gifs and the like can't be displayed. If anyone knows of any open-source scripts out there for multiple-user galleries, can you point me in their direction?

I am currently working on the nominees emails for WKA and want to have some new 'I'm nominated!' buttons (and LJ icons) done before I finally send them out - that will be today though.

I Need a Parrot now has the two original skins designed by Kayla Shay and gumboy back up and I'm hoping to open up a contest to design more skins in the very near future.

The newest site I mentioned a while ago - the Slayers' site - is still on the books. I'm not rushing ahead with that one, I would like it ultimately to be a resource site as well as a fiction/art archive and as such I want to spend a while compiling the content before I go ahead with it. It will be happening though.

Okay, I think that's about it - that's what's going on with the sites at the moment, all of them are being worked on continuously but I sometimes forget that I haven't mentioned it all to people!
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