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Right - a few things, I think I'm all caught up in replies although I still owe some people emails (sarakat and emeraldswan are at the top of my list!). For my next trick, I will get the again-delayed WKA notification emails sent out, I have new buttons and LJ icons and everything...only, yet again I can't get into my Moments Lost email from work so it'll have to be tonight. ('cause I'm fairly sure that would come under 'mis-use of library email' if I were to send them from here...)

Second. I am a very sarcastic person. I forget sometimes that this doesn't always translate very well on the internet. If I have offended you or said something that you read a personal attack into, the chances are insanely high that this was not my intention. If I have offended anyone or put your back up, I apologise.

Third - my heating is fixed! Yay! The nice man came out, took a very large spanner and hit the pipes with it. My radiators gurgled and the heating came on. All those freezing cold, sleepless nights, for a piece of dirt stuck in the pump...

And, related to that, the man is coming out to fix my Sky TV on Thursday so I'm taking the day off work. So yesterday was the gasman, tomorrow is the three/four hour break in the middle of the day for the counselling appointment, and Thursday is the Sky man. Is there any point me being in work this week?

There was more I was going to say but I've kinda forgotten what it is now. Okay, off to read a particularly interesting journal article: Ego-centrism Over E: mail: Can We Communicate As Well As We Think? (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 89:6 (2005)) *g*
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