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So my TV is fixed, and my heating is fixed, I'm in the process of being fixed. Life is looking good.

And you know something? Today I'm wearing not the most flattering clothes - brown combat trousers, a blue 'urban chicks' skater top, sketchers trainers and not a scrap of makeup or product in my hair - and yet the techie guy who came to fix my Sky TV left me his personal number.

*grins wildly*

Yeah, there was flirting going on there but it was the kind of flirting I used to do when I worked in customer service - harmless stuff to get the customer smiling. It was only when he left me his number and said four times (with meaningful looks) to "call me any time" that it slowly dawned on me that it was more than meaningless.

I won't be calling him, to be honest he's not my type (too blond and too fond of swearing and making crude jokes (which if you know how much I swear and make crude jokes is just bizarre that it's a turn off)) but my god that just lifted my mood incredibly!

Still really behind on everything - catching up slowly, I'm collating email addresses for the WKA emails right now - I really should stop randomly deleting files from my computer - I had most of these saved in an Excel spreadsheet of all things after the last two rounds but deleted it . So yeah, that's the plan, getting caught up with the sites. And changing the layout here. I like my banner, I'm losing the love for the Boxer layout (the adapted version I was using for a while didn't support tags and the *fixed* old version just doesn't look as good anymore) any suggestions?

ETA I think I like this new layout, and hey, my random quotage is back! *g*

And... I just won third place at claire_icons with this icon Not one of my best it has to be said, but hey, third place! Definitely not to be sneezed at!
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