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What a game!

I'm watching the Calcuta Cup game - Scotland V England in the Six Nations.

Half time (called a minute early) and the score is 3-3 (penalty each side)

Bloody hell this is a f*cking good game! England are favourite, Scotland are on home ground and still remember beating France three weeks ago. My boy Chris is playing bloody well. (Chris Paterson, Scotland's 14 - I always focus on one the back line players, used to be Craig Chalmers (played @ 10 for Scotland in the '90s) now it's Chris. I don't know him, but he's now "my boy Chris")

And hey, the half time commentary is being lead by the drummer from one of my favourite bands (Dougie Vipond, professional BBC 'pundit', still plays for Deacon Blue). There is no bad with this game.

(although, it has to be said, the England player who went off with a blood injury just before half-time, was his ear still attached to his head?!!)

Obviously I want Scotland to win this, but the way this game is going, if they keep it this close and play this well, I will be over the moon!
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