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What crawled into my mouth and died?

Bleugh.Hungover and have a cold. Not a good combination.

Plus I now have it in my head that I want to create an all purpose Mara Jade costume for conventions and hallowe'en parties and the like. I'm not that person, honest, I don't go over the top with dress up outfits at conventions - I'll usually theme things rather than have a 'costume' (and then end up chickening out and not wearing it anyway...) but for some reason I want to make this costume. Could be the fact that I'm helping my nephew make a costume for a dress-up party he's going to this week (It's 80s themed, he's going as Adam Ant *g*) and I'm in the costuming mood. So, black sleeveless catsuit (which I can make), black biker boots, black shin guards, brown leather belt and shoulder holster, creamy cape (or maybe a black one, depends on what source picture I use, either way I can make that) and a red wig (optional extras - goggles and blaster). (Does it surprise you that I already have the lightsaber? *g*) I'll see how long this fascination runs for before I spend any money on it...

Now I'm off to go make some really greasey carbohydrate loaded food and curl up until the hangover's gone...

ETA I *think* I've emailed everyone currently nominated in the White Knight Awards with the exception of one author who I cannot find contact details for. They do have an LJ though, so if I haven't found anything by the time the nominations close I'll post a comment on there. There are a couple more nominations to add to the site and one link to fix which hopefully I'll have done today.
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