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This is supposed to be a university, dammit!

So I can often be found ranting about the stupidity of some of the students at the university right now, but hey, I can't really blame them when they're faced with this kind of thing.

Language & Literature: Level 2: Paper 1

Could there be *any* more colons in that? And it's a freaking exam paper title... Yeah, I'm kinda rushed off my feet at work right now - the 2005 exam papers have only just come back from the scanners three weeks late and they have to be on the system ASAP. We had a planned date of "end of February" to have it completed. Guess what? It's the 28th of Feb today and we're only 1/3rd done. Well, I say *we*, I mean *me*. So yeah - busy. Not dead. Will post once the screeds of paper have gone from my desk.


(oh, and don't forget the "thearies" of American Literature paper I spotted yesterday....)
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