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The exam papers are all now officially on the system and active. I knocked myself silly doing them yesterday and even though I know no one cares in this place, I'm glad I did it. Of course now it means I'm back to the state I was in before now - not having anything to do until a rush job like that comes in. I work things out as much as possible so that I'm not left with absolutely nothing to do, but there's only so much I can do. Case in point, today I have to catalogue four bibliographic records for Russian newspapers. Four. In the whole of today. When I worked as a cataloguer I had hourly quotas to meet of anywhere between forty and seventy records. An hour. So yeah, stretching four out over the entire day? Not all that easy. Once these are out of the way I have nothing to do tomorrow and Friday. My brain needs some stimulation in this place, I can feel it begin to atrophy. I have been having a little fun with this (Serenity go booooom) but I just find it insane that my job is not enough to fill a day and yet no one will listen when I tell them that and I end up sitting at my desk desperately trying to fill time.

I have retracted my claim for Simon Tam fics on joss100 because I'm just not able to write anything in that universe at the moment. Sorry if anyone was hoping for more of them but I'm just not... feeling it right now. I am still aiming to finish the iconfic150 claim for Faith and the fanfic100 claim for Mara Jade because I still have ideas for those (and when I sit down to write them I can actually get something on paper). Speaking of iconfic150 - I have not forgotten the prompts you guys gave me, I have some of them written and ideas for the rest, the problem remains coming up with graphics for the posts. I'm just... not in a graphically minded place right now, it's probably just going to be a case of sitting down with Photoshop but at the moment it's so cold when I get into the house that all I do is curl up on the couch under a blanket with my dog coorying in for warmth and watch documentaries. (Gladiatrix on Monday, Mysteries of the Parthenon yesterday - no clue what's on tonight, has to be better than last nights' though.) Heating should be fixed on Saturday - they could have come out on Monday afternoon but I couldn't take any more time off for repair work so they're coming at the weekend - and this weekend is currently plan-less for me, other than catching up on housework that is. So you never know.

I'm actually back reading the NJO books again (SW:EU) after I took a break to catch up with Pratchett's latest two books, and it's already prompted some SW writing - which may or not be shared, depending on a lot of things. *g* - so hopefully I can get a good way into completing the MJ fics. The reason I am wanting to get through these is this, I have also signed up for joss10k - a challenge for longer fics. 10,000 words in 10 weeks. That's 1000 words a week, far less daunting than NaNoWriMo was/is. You can claim any Joss-verse character/pairing/show/whatever and there's no limits to the number of people per claim (for example, I've claimed Xander but that doesn't stop anyone else also claiming him). My claim is set to start in April, when the hardest part of the work on WKA will be over and the ongoing work fixing the INAP problems should be complete (March will be my INAP-fixing month). My difficulty right now will actually be concentrating on the ongoing things rather than planning out future projects (which include the Slayers site I proposed a little while back, it's still in the works but is not actively being worked on until I have at least two ongoing projects out of the way.)

Okay, I've randomly been typing this for a while now and I should at least make a go at finishing these four bib records...

Oh - 'fore I go, engelsteorra, remember how we talked about all of us having a theme? Sin City. Whaddya think?
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