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So I'm currently waiting for the man to come and fix my heating and playing with Photoshop in an attempt to get some inspiration for icons. Um... I made banners. Three of 'em, 600x300 so LJ sized, or site sized. I still have the PSD files so I can change the text on 'em if you want 'em personalised. Click on the images for the larger version.

Feel free to use them but if you do, please link back to me here on LJ or to my graphics site Pointless Nostalgic.

Roxanne (you don't have to put on the red light)
Forever in Blue Jeans

First banner, ever time I see those pictures of Eliza I hear the Police song in my head, so...
Second banner, I struggled with text for this one, then the blue jumped out at me and I went with it.
Third banner, like I said, I struggled with text and looked up the etymology of the name "Sarah" (which you'd think I'd know since it's my middle name!) and one of the meanings is "Princess". Not sure if it works, but hell, someone might like it.

ETA I've finally gotten round to uploading them to Pointless Nostalgic under the Other Art link, along with the other banners I've made (and still like enought to share *g*)
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