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WKA again

*bats eyelashes*

*drops head and looks up with puppy dog eyes*

*bites bottom lip and smiles a little*

Nominations have been fantastic so far for the White Knight Awards, the quality of the stories I know is incredible (apart from one in the het pairing category, the one with 'conversations left hanging' or something, kinda odd to see that in there! *g*) and I'm really looking forward to reading the ones I don't know. However... there are some categories which could be doing with some more stories in them.

Wishverse/Vamp Xander award - this has always been a minority part of the fandom I know this, but I also know there are some amazing stories out there focusing on it.
Dialogue - which story really gets into the voices, which when you read them have you almost hearing the actors reading those lines? Which make you think "I bet Joss is spitting mad that he didn't write that"?
Short Fic Which stories do you go to when you have a limited time and want to get your Xander-shaped fic fix?
Drama Fic - what stories have you on the edge of your seat, which ones sweep you away with the scope of the writing?
Romance - I know there are more romance stories out there that deserve nomination. You know how I know? Because I'm a sucker for romance stories and I have read so many of them over this year!
NC-17/PWP - c'mon, again, I know there are some fantastic stories out there because again, I've read a lot of them!

I don't nominate in these awards, nor do I vote when the time comes. So I'm counting on you guys more than ever.


Of course every other category is also still looking for nominations, I've just highlighted the ones with only two or three entries so far.


ETA The ever-helpful URL. *g*
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