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Must write

Mustn't spam LJ, mustn't re-read stories again and again, must write...

you just know that's not going to happen, right?


Why isn't there a mood icon for "Procastinating"? That would be the most used icon ever....

Oh, adding this, (yeah, still not writing although I do have a Word doc open now at least!) emeraldswan posted an interesting poll about canon/fanon events post-Chosen/NFA (it's a flocked post or I'd link to it for you) and it's raised a question in my head again. I know it's been discussed before, but hey, why not open the floor again.

Why is Xander in Africa? Is he out there 'cause he's just travelling through? Is he working with/for the Council?

What about Willow, what's she doing in Brazil?

And here's the kicker, why do a lot of people apparently believe that Willow is working and Xander isn't?

ETA Just to make it clear - I don't think either Emmy or anyone on her flist *hates* Xander at all - my apologies if that's come across at all. :)
Tags: fandom, random
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