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Something's gotta give...

... and apparently that something is every single joint in my body. I'm kinda falling apart here and am still in a fair amount of pain. Wrist is still screaming at me with every opportunity and on Sunday morning I was out playing with my dog in the snow (he's a Westie, he's only likkle, he loves the snow but when he jumps into it he gets kinda... sunk. Heh!) and I went over on my ankle. So my right wrist is in a splint, my left ankle is strapped up in athletic bandaging and my head is pounding. (Okay, so technically my head isn't a 'joint' as such, but it's one more niggling health thing that's adding to the multitude. *g*)

And I couldn't get into work yesterday because of the snow, I was in the car for two and a half hours about fifty yards outside of the village where I live hoping that the snow plough was actually going to stop clearing the damn farm road and clear the main road instead... At 11.30 I gave up and went home.... to find I had no power at all. It came back on late in the afternoon but I have a cordless phone. Which doesn't work when there's no power. *le sigh* (when I say 'farm road', it actually is a farm road, but it's also the direct route to the Hunterston nuclear power stations so it figures they'd prioritise that...)

Still hurts to type for long so I'm going to go nurse my black coffee because I left the pint of milk on the kitchen counter and Monkey isn't in work so there won't be any cow juice today.

Still alive, still grouchy, still in pain.

ETA so it's now 9:15. I've cleared three days worth of queries and now have very little to do for the rest of the day. Joy.

Oh, and emeraldswan? As of 6.30 this morning I hadn't gotten any email from you - I'm not chasing you for it at all, I just know that your email server doesn't always like mine so if you sent it before... what would that make it, 1.30 am your time? then I didn't get it. :)
Tags: health, random, work
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