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I have nothing to do....

....seriously, nothing.

Nada, zip, zero, zilch.

God this job is such a waste of time!


So anyway, I just compiled a list of the remaining fics and icons I have to post to iconfic150 - the Faith challenge. I have to have them posted by mid-April, I think it's the 15th?, and I've been a little lax when it comes to actually doing anything for it. I do have four icons made ready to post, and three drabbles. I'm planning on having one more drabble done today and then I'll post what I have - which will bring me to 10 stories out of the 50, and 16 icons out of the 100.

I also have some of the prompts you guys gave me written, but I'm trying to finish off the set themes before I post them. Yeah - I have a loooong way to go before I get this completed! So I have a shiny new timetable to post them. I'm going to post five drabbles at a time and however many icons I have ready to go at the time, on Wednesdays and Sundays until I'm done. I make that my final post on the 12th April. I think. And since I'm doing bugger all at work right now, it makes sense to use the time to get the fics written during that time! (Of course, I also have the joss10k challenge starting on the 1st April as well... 10,000 in 10 weeks. At least I know what I'm going to be writing though! And then there's Africander. I started getting into that self-doubting place and everything I had written sounded like a cliche so I put it aside for a little while. It will be posted though - I know, I suck.)

First post will be up by tonight - I know, I know, not Wednesday, but I was drabbling Buffy and Xander yesterday so...

And... a really quick reminder - you have until this Sunday to nominate at the White Knight Awards! There are still a few nominations to be added to the page, now I'm able to type for a little longer I can actually tackle HTML I think. Boy that crept up on me fast, there will be a week between nominations closing and voting starting - at the moment there isn't a need for pre-voting screening to narrow the fields down to 15 in each category, but I still want to confirm all the links work and I have as much information on there as I can (including pairings and ratings which are notably missing right now). So if you haven't nominated? Please - have a think about it and go for it!

ETA HEH! I just totally did the librarian thing there! "Excuse me guys, can I ask you to keep the noise levels down a little?" Heh! Why couldn't it have been yesterday when I was actually wearing not just a skirt, but also a twin set! The combat trousers, caterpillar boots and v-neck shirt don't really have the same impact do they?
Tags: fic wips, iconfic150, white knight awards
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