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Did you see the picture, or did you read the book?

I mean. Did you really go there?
Or were you only took?

Okay - dodgy rhyme, but t'aint mine. (it's from "One Day I'll Go Walking" by Deacon Blue)

Just saw an advert that has my blood boiling for the most inane reason. Classic book sitting on a coffee table, two kids (boy and girl) sitting on the sofa looking bored as hell. Behind them is a bookcase I would kill for, chock full of classic books, but kids are bored. Never fear! The Daily Mail is here! Mum wanders through the living room and waves a copy of said rag newspaper (I'm not apologising - the Daily Mail is a rag) in front of the bookcase and the books magically transform into... DVDs. Kids are ecstatic, mum grins in that highly-medicated not-quite-all-there way and the Daily Mail has saved the day.

Fuck off.

Read the fucking book!
Tags: rant
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