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Six Nations is over

So the one sporting event I truly get excited about is over. The BBC commentary there was saying that the tournament had been "decidely average" which I have severe issues with - I have watched most of the games this round, my belief in my jinx meant that I didn't watch Scotland trounce France in the first weekend, but every game I watched was gripping stuff. The simple fact is, the BBC bias seems to be showing again - England's performance was decidely average (in some cases really poor) so of course the whole tournament must have been average...

Ah well, today I have had my heart in my mouth all afternoon.

Game 1: Italy vs Scotland - 10-13, tied until the last two minutes when "my boy Chris" Paterson scored the winning penalty. - Nail-biting stuff!
Game 2: Wales vs France - 16-21, Wales were winning until the 70th minute when France scored a try and conversion. Wales were soooo unlucky there!
Game 3: England vs Ireland - 24-28, the lead seemed to change every time I drew a breath. England were ahead at 78 minutes (Rugby game is 80 minutes long). Shane Horgan took the ball over the line but it was too close to touch to call as a try without verification. It seemed to me that it took forever to make the decision, I just can't image what that would have been like for the players! Eventually the try was awarded taking the score to 26-24 for Ireland. O'Gara scored the conversion from a really difficult kick against the wind. 28-24 with a minute to go. It was... amazing!

In the end, with the points tallied, France have won the Six Nations with Ireland coming a close second. (Scotland came third, England fourth, Wales fifth, Italy got the Wooden Spoon).

So the Six Nations is over for another year, club rugby doesn't get the same coverage so I'm not always able to watch the games I want to watch (plus *my* team is half the country away so actually going to the games is kinda not possible) so this will probably be my last rubgy based post.

For 45 weeks.

Roll on the RBS Six Nations 2007!
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