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Icon tutorials

None of these icons are mine, I am simply compiling them in a more easily accessible format than my LJ memories. These are all either designed for PhotoShop or are easily transferrable.

On behalf of those who created the tutorials, please do not copy them exactly, use them to learn techniques in colouring, blending, brushwork etc.

And don't hotlink to these images - I have them saved to my own LJ scrapbook and if people hotlink then I'm deleting the entry. Simple as that. :)

If one of your icons/tutorials is listed here and you'd rather it wasn't, just let me know and I'll remove it asap.

Click on the icon to go to the tutorial - which will open in a new window.

(removing saturated colour)

General tips:

Adjustment Layers/Gradient Maps
Legible text
Choosing the right font

Other lists of tutorials:

I hope this is useful!
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