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Lights will guide you home...


So there's another glitch at I Need a Parrot. For some reason any member registering after the upgrade using a hyphen in their name can't log in. They're added to the members list, they're sent out an automated password, but when they go to the log in page it just keeps on refreshing the page. I can go in under the admin options and remove the hyphen (and reset passwords) so all is not lost but it's irritating. I posted to the efiction forums about it last night to see if there was anything that I could change in the settings but have yet to have a reply which is workable. (No offence to the guy who did offer to take a look at it (and who is currently signed up to INAP under the username Steve-Test) but if the guy helping out can't put in a valid email address then I'm not exactly sure what kind of help he can give... </bitch>)

So... at the moment I'm suggesting people don't use hyphens in their username which I know is annoying - especially if someone is using their own name and it's hyphenated... Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon.

In other news... This is not a good day - taking the bin bag out to the wheelie bin? It split. All over me. I had to change clothes two minutes before I had to be out of the door and I swear I can still smell sour... something. Possibly milk. I think it may have ended up on my boots although I swear they weren't hit.

I'm also feeling like crap - let's just say there are times when I hate being a girl - so I'm going to take a half day, go home, curl up with my laptop and get some graphics finished to make the postponed Faith post to iconfic150 (although since it's Tuesday I'm now thinking I might be just as well to do a double post on Wednesday, I'll see what I come up with this afternoon.)

Of course me taking the half day is predicated on the leave supervisor (who's one of my flexi "buddies") actually showing up. She's late.
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