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What am I gonna do, with your honest heart...

When did this happen? When did I *get* PHP? I've worked with it since I first took over INAP from Kaz, but it's always been a case of muddling through and having a million and one reference books on my desk (and smileawhile and engelsteorra on hand for when I broke it, *g*) So I'm looking at the poll set up for the White Knight Awards which engelsteorra set up for me last time around... and I get it. The PHP part of it anyway - and there's a faint glimmer of understanding dawning about the MySQL part of it (although it's faint and engelsteorra? Have you finished your essay yet? Can I email you tonight? :) )

I still don't think I could write the code from scratch - yet - but I understand why it's working now. And trust me, with my brain, that's a huge revelation. (I got an A in my Standard Grade maths exam and a B in the Higher but I still don't *get* vulgar fractions or vectors - it's a thing, I have to understand why something works - I can't just accept it. I think it's part of having a linguistic type brain - although naol will probably deny that now... *g*)

So I'm actually understanding something - and the 'teach yourself PHP in 24 hours' SAMS eBook that I just had open was boring me because it was telling me stuff I already knew. Wow.

Therapy this afternoon - first appointment since the cancellation last time around. Should be... interesting anyway.

And yes, I... didn't do anything on the computer yesterday so there was no Faith ficlet/graphics post - double post tonight, no matter what. (so the quality? might be crappy.)

*puts on begging hat* there aren't many entries for zeppo_stillness this week - the challenge is due to close tonight, what is there is wonderful stuff, but...

And... randomly, a plot bunny bit me yesterday. Hard. I'm trying to ignore it because I have so much already on my plate, but it's an insistent little bugger. Was watching Neverwhere (must actually read the book at some point) and the old "I bet Whedon watched this" thought came over me (a girl who can open 'portals' to other dimensions using a mystical key, a female warrior, monks who are tasked with protecting the key, an angel who just wants to go home and an ordinary guy who's thrown into an otherworldy situation and somehow manages not to die...) and then the thought came over me, what would happen if Door met Dawn... and Richard met Xander... and the Marquis met Giles... and then my head exploded. *must ignore plot bunny* *must focus on other things*
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