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Who am I to tell you, I'll always catch you when you fall? Well I... I wouldn't be myself at all...

(tenuous song lyric there, but I'm trying to keep this up for a while.)

I have a BtVS fandom related question for you folks out there:

Faith: misunderstood anti-hero or villain? Discuss.

Seriously, I keep running across this stumbling block when writing the Faith ficlets. She did evil, horrific things, she killed, she tortured, she 'lived for the moment', but was she intrinsically evil? Is there the direct correlation between Wicked!Faith andAngelus; and Good!Faith and Angel that so many people refer to? Angel/Angelus are painted (in terms of BtVS anyway - the line becoming a little more blurred in the season four Angel arc featuring Angelus) as seperate people. Faith is never painted this way. So I'm intrigued - do you have a pre-determined point of view about Faith? Is she evil, is she misunderstood? What do you think about Faith?
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