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I wouldn't make much noise, Just whimper to myself

m'sick. Literally, apparently there's a stomach bug doing the rounds which, in the words of a friend, "just lasts a few days." Joy. Won't go into details, but let's just say I'm going through a lot of toothpaste and mouthwash today.

S'Egypt weekend on Discovery Civilisation, so at least me curled up on the couch isn't all bad (even if I've seen all the shows at least once before) and I'm trying to write. I have 18 icons ready to post to iconfic150 and three drabbles. I want to catch up with where I should be though - so that's another 12 drabbles to be done and I'm finding it a real struggle right now. I'm determined to get it done though - I've had ridculous amounts of time to get ready for this and it's my own stupid fault for leaving it so close to the deadline.

... and now I'm waffling on here instead of writing. Typical. Right, am off to go finish this one I'm working on just now and maybe think about eating something (and hoping it stays down...)

ETA so I've been coming up with more and more random song lyrics for my post titles lately - anyone want to hazard a guess at the songs?

1 - You and I, we're going so high, the air is getting thin...

2 - Lights will guide you home... -Fix You by Coldplay (guessed by thedothatgirl)

3 - What am I gonna do, with your honest heart... - Queen of the New Year by Deacon Blue (guessed by smileawhile)

4 - Who am I to tell you, I'll always catch you when you fall? Well I... I wouldn't be myself at all...

5 - an empowered and informed member of society (pragmatism not idealism)

6 - This is a brand new problem a problem without any clues - Decent Days and Nights by the Futureheads (guessed by dimlondeiel)

7 - Link it to the world, Link it to yourself

8 - I wouldn't make much noise, Just whimper to myself
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