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Announcing (although some people have already found this out...):

Voting for the White Knight Awards Round Three has begun!!

I'm really sorry I haven't contacted all the nominees yet, you will have an email by the end of today, with a link to a nominees-only page where you can pick up banners, LJ icons etc to promote your nomination.

The turn out this round has been amazing - thank you all so much for supporting the site!
Voting will close on Sunday 30th April so you have plenty time to read the nominees and make an informed choice. (You'll notice I haven't listed pairings on the voting form because I want to avoid the knee-jerk reaction some people have to vote for/against a specific pairing.) Oh - and you can only use the form to vote once, so please make sure you've cast all your votes before hitting submit.

And - on a personal note - thank you to the person or persons who nominated INAP as best site and Dangling Conversations as best het pairing fic. **hugs**

And also, a *huge* thank you to engelsteorra for being the star that she is. I couldn't have done this without you honey!
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