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I don't what's good for me, do you know what I need, do you know what I need?

White Knight Awards Voting is underway! (yeah, I'm going to be starting pretty much every post with that I think!)

I owe a huge apology to entrenous88 - I accidentally left her nomination for best Xander/Dawn story off the voting form. It is now listed, but if you have already voted and would have liked to have voted for Council Business in that category - please let me know! (shona[at] or wka[at] Thanks - and again, I'm so sorry to entrenous88

Other news, well... there actually isn't any other news. I'm now horribly behind on my own schedule for iconfic150 and am starting to really get worried that I might not finish it. I've kinda... been sleeping more than usual lately. (Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong - lack of insomnia=a bonus.) Which has meant I've not been spending as much time online or writing (or iconing) as I'd like (plus it seems as if every time I have a spare hour then something else demands my attention - like the two and a half hour phone call from my sister which I don't remember much of because I was actually watching "Pharoah's Revenge: Egypt's Lost Treasures" on the discovery civilisation channel. Dr Hawas amazes me with how enthusiastic he is about Egyptology... but that's another story. So the Faith ficlets have been notable by their absence lately. Hopefully I can get caught up with myself, hopefully.

I'm also feeling horribly guilty about the stories I have on the go. Especially the Africander stories - I'm so far beyond the not-a-deadline now that it's really not funny. And then there's Destiny. My re-write of my own favourite story (the original concept, not the original writing which sucks beyond the telling of it) which faltered after the prologue. I really wanted to keep the momentum of that one going but it fell by the wayside a little. And right now all I seem to do when I do manage to find time to write is plot out ideas for the joss10k challenge (It'll be called Final Straw and is inspired by the Snow Patrol album of the same name - but it is not a song fic!) and the Neverwhere crossover idea that refuses to die.

So this is my solemn pledge. I will not start anything new - site, art, fic, or vid - untill I have at least three of my current projects finished.

Africander - Morocco (deadline missed)
Africander - Tunisia (deadline missed)
iconfic150 - Faith fics and icons (deadline - 13th April 2006)
fanfic100 - Mara Jade challenges (no deadline)
What a Difference a Day Makes
Walk Away
Crimson Regret
joss10k - 10,000 word Xander story (starting on 1st April, to be completed by 10th June)
Slayerless (not posted on LJ yet)
Neverwhere crossover
Off Course (BtVS/Lost crossover - not forgotten it, honest!)
Worlds Collide (BtVS/SW:EU crossover - again, not forgotten)
Fics and graphics I owe from the December OTP meme
(and if they end up not being included in the iconfic150 entries, the Faith ficlets from the prompts you guys gave me.)

There are others projects ongoing, including fics and sites but the ones listed above are the ones I am determined to finish before starting anything else.


So, again I have very little to do at work today, and since we got a letter yesterday with our job descriptions and expectations on it which had the effect of making every single member of staff feel incredibly unappreciated, I no longer care about keeping up the pretence of work. *fingers crossed* that I can make some headway on that list!

(I am feeling better by the way - still not really eating solid food, it's soup and porridge all the way, but I am getting there.)
Tags: fic wips, multi-tasking madness, white knight awards
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