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Xander over-load! (like that's possible!)

So I get up this morning, check my emails and discover I have about ten parts of the Journeyverse waiting in my inbox plus my regular Sunday morning Ozmandayus fic to read. Guess what I've been doing all day then?

For those of you who haven't read any Journeyverse stories, Why not? They are a huge collection of stories which basically re-write Buffy the Vampire Slayer from season four onwards. Mostly focused on Xander they kick off with "Journeys" which shows where he really went during that summer he was meant to be touring the country. There are multiple crossovers in these stories which range from Predator to ER via Charlie's Angels and Charmed (and that's just four out of hundreds!) Tenhawk is the main author and is a hugely talented and prolific writer - go read them now!

Ozmandayus' fics are one of my guilty little secrets. These are most definitly rated 18+ but unlike most fanfics of that rating do actually have a story to them! So much so that after reading "Rainy Paris Days" this morning I ended up writing a B/X story myself! Goddess help me, an F/Xer writing B/X? Has the world come to an end?! My story isn't any more than 15 rated but I was attacked by a plot bunny along the way so it'll expand into a multi-part fic. If you want to get an idea about where it might be going, go watch the Angel ep "Damage" and then read this What a difference a day makes...

Okey dokey, that's all from me right now except to say - it's 5.20 pm and I haven't eaten anything all day! No wonder I'm hungry!!!! (off to go make some chicken Thai green curry.... Mmmmm (and maybe read some more Xander fic... *g*)
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