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I miss my shows. I really miss my shows. Reading the quotes you guys have suggested has just made me realise how much I miss them.


So anyway, I iconed! Some of these are really... not good, but I'm including them here so you guys can see where my head's been at today. Lots of different styles, I deliberately tried a lot of things to see what I found worked. #13 owes a *huge* debt to miss_jaffacake's wonderful icons but I felt that while I love the style, it wasn't one I could see myself working with throughout. So I went back to the brushes and textures and stock images et voila.

(by the way, the tartan in 29 &30 is my own clan tartan. *g*)

Buffy Quotes

01  02  03
04  05  06
 07 08  09
10 11 12
13 14  15
16 17  18 
19  20 21
22  23 24
25  26   27
28 29  30
31  32

Angel Quotes

33  34
35 36

Okay - more later this week I think. Comments would be greatly appreciated! (and credit if you use 'em.)

More to come! (And if you have more suggestions for quotes - from any fandom I know - feel free to leave me a comment!
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