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You could be the summer rain on my face

I woke up all nice and refreshed this morning - really (surprising for me) positive outlook on the day ahead. Got into work and now I'm yawning my head off and am on my third cup of coffee. Proof positive that this place sucks the life out of people. You think the library at Sunnydale High was over a Hellmouth? Not a patch on the one I work in!

Anyways, I'm writing again - actual fic rather than drabbles. (Which, while not easy by any stretch of the imagination, I can tend to produce at a much faster rate than anything else.) This may be why I'm feeling more positive actually, accomplishing something. Of course, the fact that the *instant* my head hit the pilllow last night I realised I needed to change the POV of the prologue which would mean an extensive re-write doesn't colour that at all! Actually - the re-writing of the prologue is a fun exercise in itself. I have a deal with my beta reader for this thing, he'll only do it if I can guarrantee him 1,000 words by Friday lunchtime every week. He seems to think that will be difficult - to be honest I'm finding it hard not to have 10,000 words ready.... *g*

So things, for once, are actually looking pretty damn good. Now if I could just get the little voice in my head that's saying 'something bad's coming...' to shut up for a minute, all would be well with the world.


Oh! Want something *really* addictive to do today? Voila - I kinda suck at it, but it's hella fun!

ETA Re-written prologue is off to be beta read now. Just shy of 1500 words. Take that Monkey! *g*
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