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Way behind on reading

So you guys have all been posting like frenzied posting machines lately and I haven't commented on any fic for months. The reason? I haven't read anything. I am going to, I have a list it keeps growing with every fic/chapter/drabble you guys post. My plan this weekend is to get a little bit of writing down myself, possibly some graphics, little bit of housework, then I'm getting stuck into the list. I'm looking forward to it!

So if you start getting comments on things you wrote months ago? That's why.

(randomly, and nothing to do with the rest of the post, I use Thunderbird as my email programme from home for most of my emails. I currently have five accounts delivering to various folders there (my own moments-lost one, the WKA one, the admin one, my gmail account (which I use for LJ comments and some personal stuff) and my freeserve one (or wannadoo or whatever they're calling it now). My freeserve one just received 18 emails. All spam. Every. Single. One.)
Tags: flist love, random
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