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When I was seventeen, my dad was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. He was 60, but he was a young 60, and the operation seemed to be successful. A few months after the operation he retired from his civil service job and (after a bit of a false start) moved to St Andrews in Fife with my mum. My dad was a golfer and retiring to the home of golf was ideal for him.

However the cancer returned and spread.

He died two years later in a hospice.

My dad was an amazingly strong person who has inspired me in more ways than I can count.

Since his death I have actively worked with cancer research charities - first Imperial Cancer Research and then, when they merged with other charities, with Cancer Research UK. Cancer will touch the lives of one in three of us. But it is treatable, it doesn't have to be the death sentence it once was.

Cancer Research UK funds research into prevention, treatments and care for cancer patients. They do amazing work.

As part of their fundraising work, they organise a "Race For Life" every year. I have always planned to take part but every year I've never quite made it. This year I am doing it.

And here's the thing, I am aiming to raise at least one hundred pounds in sponsership. To that end I have set up a sponsorship page. This is on a secure server and is a recognised charity donation site (just giving). My page is here I would be forever grateful if you would consider sponsoring me in this. The race is on 9th July and I am kicking up my training regime to be ready for it, it's 5 Km and I can already run that, so I will finish.

Thank you.
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