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New comm!

I love my insane flist...

naol, bastardsnow and d_tepes have taken the PYGS Yahoo Group and set up the LJ Branch Office. pygs_lj is now open for fic recs, self-pimping, and all kinds of insanity.

From the user info:

Originally, this group started out in the world as a means to showcase the fanfic of two crazy people: Drake and Bastard Snow. After a while, a bunch of other authors joined in too and everything spiraled down into mayhem (that's where I come in). This is the livejournal community derived from the original Yahoo group. A place to post recs to the fics we love, pimp our own stuff and just generally mess around. All fandoms allowed, all ratings, types, and archives considered. This is the place to find the links to these stories or just to bask in our collective madness.

All fandoms are welcome there - hell, even encouraged! Challenges are also encouraged.

What are you waiting for? Go! Join up!

Right, training regime starts in earnest today - with what I used to call 'Scout's Pace' and I've no idea why - five minutes walk, two minutes run, five minutes walk etc. For forty minutes all in. And I'm a leetle hungover and tired (did not sleep well last night at all - as my post to pygs_lj at half past three will illustrate...)

Wish me luck!
Tags: flist love, race for life
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