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random work emails..

Good to see I'm not the only one bored out of my mind at work. Random email conversation Monkey and I have been having this morning (M=Monkey, S=Yours Truly)

M: (in response to a jokey question about whether I was a bad person wishing someone on their last legs would "just hurry up and die already") You just sounded like Zoidberg, in my head...
S: you've been watching too much Futurama. Mind you, in my head that voice sounds like Bob Kelso so maybe I've been watching too much Scrubs....
M: Guggenmoos.  How great is that name?  Aren't foreigners funny?  What do you call that mountain?  Oh, they don't understand.  I'd better shout.  YOU, OVER THERE, WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT MOUNTAIN?
S: Guggenmoos. Is that someone's name?!
M: Yep.  Surname. initial "T".  It sounds like a Monty Python name - but it would have to be something like "Second llama's personal hygenist - Theodore J Guggenmoos III"
S: *snorfle*
M: I've just found another - an article by E. Fugger and K. Kastner. Brilliant.
S: okay, now you're just making that up.
M: Sadly, no.  I bet they just want a copy of the article so they can cite it as Fugger & Kastner, (1895) in comedy-genius referencing style.
S: I almost dread to ask - what's the subject?
M: Die Geschiebe des Donaugebiets.  1. Die Geschiebe der Salzach. Donaustudien III
S: Okay, I'm reading that as Donuts - what does that say about me?
M: Mmm.... Donuts
S: ... and we're right back to the cartoon references
M: At least I didn't go:- MMM... litter... <slap>You eeediot!
S: I worry about you sometimes. And then I remember it's you and give you up as a lost cause.
M: Probably for the best. (In a bad 'rural' accent) "E's 'opeless, Master Frodo..."
S: And yet somehow people always assume I'm the bigger geek.
M: No, you win hands down. I'm just an eidetic freak.Oo, and how impressive is it that this surname only has one vowel?  Rybarczyk.  That's got to be worth a few points at Scrabble...
S: Proper noun - by the rules I play it's worth nowt. :P
M: It's also the authorised spelling of the mating call of the Lesser Bearded Tree Frog of the Amazonian rainforest.
S: Yu-huh. Y'know, if you were going to make something like that up you could at least have gone with the Central European angle - that way there would have been a hint of plausibility there....
M: Ooo - another good one. Wendelin Guentner. I bet she's got cats.
S: Or a robotic dog...
M: And silly, silly wool.
S: with only one ball of each colour and no lables so you can try to match the dyes.... what? I've been known to knit. Wanna make something of it?
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