the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Stereophonics fans - this one's for you!

Since I've been such a bitch today - for which I truly apologise - I'm sharing some 'Phonics news that just arrived in my inbox:

"Live From Dakota' is out!!! And to celebrate the release, we'd like to give you an advance screening of the live concert footage (before the DVD is released in a couple of months). The footage features 'Dakota', 'Maybe Tomorrow' & 'Just Looking' among other favourites!

There will be 3 screenings on on Friday 7th April, 6:00pm GMT, 9:00pm GMT and 12:00am midnight (GMT). If you join after the start time, you will see the footage from that point onwards.

Make sure you join the screening just before your preferred time, to ensure that you don’t miss out!

It's going to be screened using Quicktime, so it would be best to download the latest player in advance of the screening. Quicktime can be downloaded by clicking here

If you can't catch the special screening, Kerrrang TV (channels Sky 354, NTL 819, Telewest 332) are broadcasting a 30-minute special at the following times :

Saturday 8th first play @ 11.10am
Sunday 9th @ 3.00pm
Monday 10th @ 7.00pm
Tuesday 11th @ 11.10am and 9.30pm
Wednesday 12th @ 5.10pm
Thursday 13th @ 9.10pm"

And now I'm going to go, drink some beer, listen to some 'Phonics, find my hardback SW books (no idea where they are and I'm one book away from finishing my re-read of the NJO books - anyone have any hints as to where I might have put my copy of The Unifying Force? *g*) and leave you all alone for a while. I have a therapy session tomorrow, wonder what the therapist will say at my apparent move from taking everything to heart to having everything make me angry? :)

Tags: music
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