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calling all foodies - or cooks - or anyone who just wants to laugh at me making a mess

I have no idea what to cook for dinner. I'm a pretty good cook, but I think I'm drawing a blank.

So, here's what I have:

4 chicken breasts
8 rashers rindless smoked bacon
Mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese
New potatoes
Baking potatoes
Chestnut mushrooms
Torilla wraps
Sliced bread
Anchovies (in olive oil and Italian herbs)
Green olives
various herbs, spices, garlic etc.

I also have about six hours. So... anyone got any suggestions?

Took the chicken breasts, flattened them out, crumbled up some of the (uncooked) haggis and mixed it with some Mozzarella and black pepper. Packed that into the chicken breast, folded it over and wrapped the whole thing in a bacon rasher. Put it in a tin foil nest with some olive oil and more black pepper (I'm thinking it might not need all that pepper to be honest...) and I'm going to slow roast it in the oven.

With it I'm having new potatoes, boiled really simple with a little drizzle of olive oil and maybe some chives, and some flash-cooked spinach leaves I found in the crisper.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

And tomorrow? I'm so trying the Spanish Omlette suggested by humbleminion :)
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