the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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...the hell?

How the hell did Kazaa get on my PC? I've never used it since I got this PC... three, maybe four years ago and yet there it is. I did use it a couple of times on my old PC but the two machines have never even been in the same room never mind networked. Well, there it *was* - I got rid of it. No wonder I was getting some spyware I couldn't get rid of - it was lurking in the previously unknown Kazaa folder.


Me? Procastinating instead of writing? What makes you say that? Oh... that? No, see, while that might look like Spider Solitaire it is in fact a cunningly disguised... game of Spider Solitaire. I admit it, I suck. La-la-la-la... should be writing, should be writing - ooo look! The Jack of Hearts can go there and that means I can move that six of Spades there which means...
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