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Happy Birthday hpchickhpchick!! Hope it's a great day!

I am currently in the office completely on my own, and I heard a travel report which makes me think it'll be this way for quite a while... it's odd. Hell it's a library so it's always on the quiet side, but right now the silence is so deafening that I'm getting this sudden and barely controllable urge to climb onto my desk - actually, no, Monkey's desk, it's nearer the middle of the room - and screaming out loud. Not screaming anything in particular, just screaming.


I have something like 52 icons still to make for this iconfic150 challenge - due by tomorrow midnight. So yeah, um, I think I may need to take a little time off work... should it be a half day today or a full day tomorrow... hmmm. Decisions, decisions... edit I decided - I'm taking both. *g* end edit

Speaking of those icons, I've done enough of the themes not to worry about the others, but I kinda want to do all the themes if I can. Only... I'm drawing a blank on them. Any suggestions for shots I can use, or quotes, lyrics etc to evoke the theme? They all have to be of Faith, not Eliza. Here's the themes: Love (I was trying to find a good cap of her with the Mayor but everything's either too widely spaced out to icon properly or she's looking angsty); Fame; Desire  and Fire. Any suggestions?

Okay, now I'm off to tackle some of the fic themes I have left to do (which is kinda... all of them. *g*)
Tags: flist love, iconfic150
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