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What is it about my dog and carpet?!

I was asleep, Dram wakes me up by scratching at the door, I open said door and he heads for his water dish in the kitchen across the hall. It's almost empty so I refill it for him, put it down and realise he's not there. He's gone out of the tiled floor kitchen and across the lino floor hall to be sick on the carpet in my bedroom.

Fine, whatever, (he's fine, I think) so I clean it up, put some Zoflora on the carpet to get rid of the smell and of course can't sleep with that smell. (Clean, overpowering...) So I came into the also carpeting living room and shut Dram out in the hall. The little bugger got the door open (with a lot of effort) walked into the centre of the living room and peed on the carpet.

On the carpet.

So now every room with a carpet stinks of disinfectant and there's no way I'm getting back to sleep tonight.
Tags: real life
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