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If I was a lesser person...

Did I ever post here about my sister not picking me up from the garage 6 miles away at the end of February? About my very long walk along the road which to be honest was the prompt for me to finally stop procastinating and sign up for Race For Life?

Well guess what? Sister's car has a problem with the fuel injection system - according to her, she's not particularly the best mechanic so I'd reserve judgement on that until the garage has looked at it - and she asked if I'd pick her up this morning and take her back once it was ready.

If I was a lesser person...


Actually, she phoned yesterday and said "I have a favour to ask, it's not about money" - looks like she's getting the message then - and she then asks if I can take time off to take her to the garage. I said I already the day off so it wasn't a problem. She then starts making all these plans about what she can do until I say "You know, I took the day off for a reason, I can spare a couple of hours but that's it."

Shocked silence.

A month ago even I wouldn't have said that, I'd have tried to work out in my head how I could accomodate her and still manage to get what I need to do done, and then of course I'd lose out in the end. Go me!

'Course I could be thinking this is a good thing because of the extreme lack of sleep last night - Dram's still looking guilty. :)
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