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I have 25 fics left to write

Oh. My. God. I'm not moving from this computer until this is done, but I still have 25 drabbles to write (and post) by midnight tonight. It's ten past six in the evening.


*okay, breathe*

Here's what I've just posted - 2 drabbles and a whole bucket of icons.

Some of the icons are better than others - but I was getting to the stage where I felt like I was a damn production line. Never, ever, ever again am I leaving something like this so late! (And yes, you just knew that last one had to be in there. I'm losing count of the times I've iconed that scene now... *g*)

ETA Happy Birthday hjcallipygian!!

second edit more fic posted to iconfic150

final edit I actually cooked a proper meal, I am a good cook but when I have things to do I don't cook. I heat. (engelsteorra's recipe for twice-baked potatoes (only I forgot the exact recipe and adapted), green beans and lamb chops was tonight's menu.) So that's when I figured I was stalling just a leeetle too much. And then I saw something that literally had my head on the desk. It's the tweflth of April. My deadline is the thirteenth. How did I lose a day in my head?! So yeah, I have more drabbles written but since I'm now (at five to nine) tearing my hair out, I'm taking a break and posting the rest tomorrow. Right now I'm going to go, have a beer, and sleep. And try so hard not to call in sick to work tomorrow... *g*
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