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Didn't sleep much last night at all, no real reason, but I was back to that waking up every hour on the hour thing. Not conducive to good mental health. Still working on the rest of the Faith drabbles, although technically since I'm at work I should say I'm working on activating electronic journals and explaining to a Subject Librarian why she's an idiot. (Wanna know why we don't have online access between 1980 and 1990 Honor? It's cause we don't have a subscription to those years because someone - oh, say, the Subject Librarian - chose not to renew the sub for those years.) But really? I'm drabbling. And cursing myself for not bringing in milk. I can drink coffee without milk, but tea without milk? Yuck. And I ran out of coffee on Monday (which I also forgot to bring more of in - that clause makes no kind of grammatical sense.)

And yet again, the shared email box wasn't dealt with while I wasn't here. Seriously, what's the point of having a shared email address if no one but me actually deals with it?

So anyway, I apologise right now for the ficspam which (fingers crossed) will be happening throughout today.

Now I'm going to go switch off the damn flourescent light above my desk. It gives me headaches and I never switch it on, no one likes sitting at my desk when I'm not here because I have a trackball mouse that no one else can use so why the hell is this light on?!

**need coffee**

(or chocolate)

ETA GAH! I had a document with three drabbles in it. I had been working on it on Monday at work and I know I saved it. It should be saved to either my memory stick or to my H drive on the work computer.

I can't find it.
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