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I have absolutely nothing to do.

At all, nada, nichts, rien. Zip, zero, zilch.


So I'm going to go try find something to do and finish editing Final Straw (in between glaring at Monkey until he remembers he hasn't given it back to me yet... *g*) and maybe browse

I posted the DW icons I've been making to two of the communities this morning, (dwicons and new_who) I'm surprisingly nervous about the reaction to be honest, I've been iconing for a while now and while I've gotten so much better, a lot of what I make is hit and miss still so it'll be interesting to see a new group of people's reactions to them! (I also updated Pointless Nostalgic with the DW icons and the iconfic150 Faith ones (although numbers 17 through 34 (I think) aren't displaying at the moment). I need to go through that site and clean it up a little I think. Maybe change the layout and remove some of the older icons that make me cringe now. :)

(and anyone who knew me even a little in the 90s would be pointing and laughing at me having a Billie Piper icon now. But dammit, it's one of my favourites from the batch I made last night!)

ETA yeah, so I didn't know this and am probably the slowest person in the world ever because of it but... there was a BBC drama in the 90s (I think) set in a mental institution in Glasgow. It was called "Takin' Over the Asylum" (in no way a nod to Cuckoo's Nest... honest!) It was a pretty amusing waste of an hour on whatever night it was on (I watched all of it). Anyway. Do a google image search for Takin' over the asylum and scroll down till you find a familiar face.


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