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Fic - Final Straw, 1: Gleaming Auction

Ibuprofen makes all things better. :) Headache mostly all gone! And fic posted. Yay!

Title: Final Straw
Chapter: 1: Gleaming Auction
Author: Shona (aka Mara)
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. I'm just playing in this pretty big sandbox.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Time-Frame: Post-Chosen
Characters/Pairing: This story focuses on Xander, but not from his POV.
Word count: 3,636 (Total = 5,096/10,000)
Beta Readers: Eternal thanks to engelsteorra and monkey_matt (told you I'd bully him into getting an LJ of his very own before too much longer!)
Author's Notes: The fic title comes from the Snow Patrol album of the same name, and each chapter from here on will take the name of one of the songs on that album. Hence "Gleaming Auction". :)

it's not as simple as//how much you think you care//you would never know//when to take the hint

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