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You like me! You really like me! *g* Woke up this morning to find lots of lovely comments both on the latest part of Final Straw and on the Doctor Who icons I posted to the communities. (and for once, instead of thinking "god, this is a fluke, I'm never going to be able to repeat it...." I'm actually just basking. Hey, maybe therapy's working! *g*)

Final Straw is currently plotted out to be 13 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue. Of those only the prologue and chapter one have been completed so far but the plotting is so tight that I'm actually planning to complete a chapter a week (chapter one was actually written last Friday but Monkey developed man flu and I only just got his beta back yesterday). Hopefully I should have chapter two ready to post by Monday. :)

I'm actually in a damn good mood today, have a bunch of plans for the next couple of days (mostly pub oriented it has to be said) and things are looking... up. Yay! Now if only I could drag myself out of bed just that little bit earlier every day so I could go for a run before leaving for work instead of doing it in the evening when I'm already kinda knackered... :)

Oh - I almost forgot... (yeah, like she'd ever let me forget *ducks flying objects*)

Happy Sharon Day!
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