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Dont mind me, just a ramble

Five to four yesterday afternoon this woman (who I don't really like but who helped convince the IT department that my need for a trackball mouse wasn't just so I could have the latest gimmick and was instead to stop me screaming in agony after using a normal mouse for a couple of hours) came and stood next to my desk with this insipid grin on her face. A bunch of us were going out for engelsteorra's birthday and I will fully admit I was winding down by then and had no real intention of starting anything new so I was dreading her asking me to do something.

Turns out I'd forgotten about a meeting about usage statistics that she had arranged for four. So I go into the meeting and she starts trying to tell me (and my boss) how to go about transferring stats from one provider into a spreadsheet. She opens up Excel and starts working through about 2,000 lines of data really, really, really slowly. And missing things. And talking to my boss about stuff I have no knowledge of. I download usage stats every month, I make sure the full year is there and in readable format, I chase up publishers when there are problems, I maintain that admin part of that.

I don't manipulate that data at all. I have no interest in doing so. I am not a statistician and I have no desire to be.

So it turns out that the data for this provider is in a crappy format and needs to be manipulated before it can be used. Yes, that's what this woman's job is - she manipulates the data and provides it for those who need it. Except with this specific part of the work, it's really dull and boring and she doesn't want to do it anymore. So guess what? She's trying to fob it off onto me.

I sat and listened to her for an hour yesterday - and she hasn't quite finished yet so it'll be another hour - talking about how this needs to be done. I learned precisely two things yesterday. That the blank grey square in the top left clears all formatting from the sheet and that hitting F4 repeats the last command. The rest? I just sat there thinking, this is insane - why is she spending so long sorting it like that when all she needs to do is an A-Z sort? (and so on and so on...)

She's made the job harder for herself all these years and now she's fed up with it and is trying to get someone else - me - to do it. I can finish it in about a half hour if I do it my way, doing it her way? It'll take the whole of next week.


(oh and of course doing a find/replace for " " to "" (space to nothing) is going to screw up every piece of text in the sheet!!!)

Then at five to five she says "Oh, I'm conscious of the time, what time are you finishing?" to which my boss is clearly itching to say she'll stay after 5 but hey, I had a birthday party to go to so I just smiled and said "Five." Walked out the door at five and really wished I'd found the money for the train fare yesterday so that I could have had a drink on hitting the pub.

Ah well, another day, another... pub actually. :) Meeting up with bob_bobbingbob_bobbing and smhwpf this evening (driving again though, I'm going to be so sick of fresh orange and lemonade soon....) which will be a lot of fun since despite Conor living practically on the library's doorstep I haven't seen either of them for an age! And then tomorrow is centered around making sure I am home to see Tooth & Claw (Doctor Who) which I am insanely excited about. (Yes, I am sad. I'm *mumbles* years old and I'm structuring my Saturday around a Sci Fi show on TV. I'm comfortable with my geekiness!)

Oh and I'm supposed to arrange a time for me to meet with annoying statistics woman again at some point today. Joy.

I have a quick question for those of you who have made your own mood themes. How do you go about it? Not what programmes and how to upload or anything - I've got that one - I mean, do you compile a list of all the moods and tick them off as you get each done? (And do you do it all in one go or do you spend an hour a day doing it?) I want to make my own mood theme - in case you hadn't guessed. :)
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