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New Earth thoughts (again!)

Really wanted to use a quote in the subject line but I'm hyper-aware of not spoiling those of you who haven't seen it! I'm linking to this post by scarlettgirl whose name I'm kinda used to seeing around in the Buffy fandom so it's fun to see her in the DW fandom world too!

Anyway, it contains thoughts on the Doctor's hubris as displayed in New Earth "There is no higher authority..." - I've said this from the moment the episode aired, he's setting himself up for a long fall and it will be really interesting to see if RTD follows through with it all. It's also interesting to see someone else in the comments pick up on something that's been niggling in the back of my mind for a while.

The Face of Boe. There seems to be an inate assumption of benevolence, why? Yes, he's this old, wise, telepathic creature who 'speaks' in gentle tones - but could he be (to steal the caption from scarlettgirl's icon) a "wolf in sheep's clothing"? The Face of Boe definitely encouraged the Doctor's 'God Complex' way of thinking by identifying the Doctor as 'one like him', a 'Lonely God'.

It's... actually just under 12 hours until the new episode (yes I am that sad) and there's already the mention of "bad wolf" based around the trailer and the werewolf/alien content - I think this is a huge mislead. Bad Wolf ran through the whole of the last season and, in a way, so long as Rose remains in the TARDIS, Bad Wolf will never be gone, but I don't think it'll be the 'theme' of season two.

Hubris will. The fall of the man who believed himself a god will.

Give me a day like this. Give me this one

And I'll be back in about 12 hours with much squeeage and reaction to Tooth & Claw *g*

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