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Mood Theme!

Heh! I was only going to do the basic ones tonight and work on the rest over the week... but look! A Tooth & Claw mood theme made by me! (caps are either my own or from Adventures in Time & Space)

It's not complete yet, but wanna sneak peak? Here you go! Once I've got the other moods done I'll zip the lot up and make it available for download (and then probably work on a Rose one from the same episode and maybe even ones for New Earth and Christmas Invasion)

Sorry, I'm just impressed I got so much done in one go! And it actually looks pretty damn good! (to me anyway!)

eta good grief, my neighbour listens to what is now being called 'gay disco' on the radio. The kind of thing that's played at G.A.Y. - and he listens to it loudly with the bass turned up, and not the complete tracks. Since 9 o'clock (it's 7 minutes past now) we've had Infernal - From Paris to Berlin, Girls Aloud - Jump (for your love) (or whatever it's called), Bodyrockers - I like the way you move (which I can just about cope with), and something with bagpipes that I didn't recognise (yup, a disco track with descant-sounding bagpipes - Irish pipes maybe?) Oh and I almost forgot (or should that be, I tried to forget) Show me the way to Amarillo (or however you spell it...)


edit again Trust me Dale, I can be stubborn as hell. and VH2 showing the best Snow Patrol videos is a gift to me. So hey, hope you like Final Straw 'cause I can leave this on all night and put cotton wool in my ears.
Tags: doctor who, graphics
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