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To explain the edits on my previous post, my neighbour clearly isn't working this morning so he decided that he was going to keep me awake as long as possible. He had his stereo on really loud and he either has a problem with his speakers or he had the bass hiked up to the max. So at around quarter to ten I put my TV on onto VH2, most definitely not his taste in music - his is more MTV sHit. (Oh sorry, got the letters wrong there - that should be Shit...)

Snow Patrol have a new album coming out, to mark that fact, VH2 had a night of Snow Patrol all night last night. And Dale, my neighbour, was treated to every moment of it. I shut my living room door and could still hear the bass from his stereo over my TV. I decided at around eleven-ish that his girlfriend's singing off-key was just as annoying as the bass line(s) coming through the wall so I started calling out during the lulls. It pissed him off a lot, so I turned the volume on my TV up, shut the door and went to bed.

Came through to the living room this morning with the TV still on and still playing indie rock (it switched from Primal Scream to Gorrilaz just as I opened the door). There's not a sound from next door.

Now I need to plant a tree to make up for all the electricity I used up overnight.

Right, off to work to catch up on some sleep then...

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