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wierd day

I ended up not going in to work today, wasn't feeling too great this morning so decided to chill for a while. (Have I mentioned I love flexi-time?) I ended up staying at home and not doing very much at all - read a couple of fics, watched the first ever episode of Alias and realised I wish I'd watched it from the start the first time round and wrote a little angsty scene for the second part of What A Difference a Day Makes. If you like the fluffyness of the first part you might not like where it's going after this!

Anyway, I've been killing time all day and now realise what a waste it was - a good twelve hours of my life I'm never going to get back. Day's not over yet I know but I'm too bloody tired to do anything else right now. Plus my brain isn't working all that well right now. I offered to help out Linaluv on the NHA forums with her avatar which is really cute but just too big - and I can't figure out how to resize it at the moment. Whenever I do it's either 2KB and tiny or the right size and 21 KB - I just cannot get a happy medium at the moment. I *know* how to do it, I have the source pic she used so I could even do the bloody thing from scratch but I just can't get it into my brain at the moment. I guess I've been thinking about it too much.

Ah well, I'm off to go and do something constructive with the rest of the day - quite what that is I'm not really sure - maybe I'll do some writing on For Good Men To Do Nothing. *shrug* maybe not...
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